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Lucy helps raise £1500 by braving the shave for Wings2fly.

On May 8th 2020 Lucy Lamb from Bournemouth shaved her head to raise £1500 in a bid to help Wings2fly fundraise for 2 purpose built ambulances.

Lucy, who had her head shaved by her elder brother Matt, wanted do something for charity during the COVID-19 lockdown and approached Gary to ask if she could raise money for Wings2fly.

A day later, Lucy posted this on her Facebook page...

"Sooooo with the recent lockdown I've had a lot of time to do some thinking. One of which is I want to do something good for the world. So here it is, it's nothing brave for the world like the NHS. Although I would like to do my best to support them in some way. As soon as I'm near enough to raise £1000 for Wings2fly I will shave my hair off."

"I have had the pleasure of meeting Gary and am always blown away with the stories and visions he has for Wings2fly. He is a local paramedic from Bournemouth who always does the best for the world.... even when he's not on duty!!! I know times are hard but anything towards this amazing cause would be greatly appreciated."

Alongside money raised for the head shave, Lucy had decided that she would also be donating her hair to the Little Princess Trust.

Her target to begin the head shave was £1000, which she surpassed within 5 days.

The hair removed from the shave will be donated to the Little Princess Trust as soon as they begin to receive donated hair again. They provide free real-hair wigs to children and young people with hair loss.

Wings2fly would like to extend a massive thank you to Lucy Lamb for such an amazing act of kindness shown not only to ourselves but also towards the little princess trust.

Lucy had her head shaved in her back garden on May 8th, by her brother Matt Lamb.

Even The Queen attended the special occasion..


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