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Thank you JLDA

Wings2fly would like to extend our sincere gratitude to miss Jaimie-Lee and all the staff, young people and their families at JLDA for supporting our cause for the second year running.

Wings2fly would like to extend our sincere gratitude to miss Jaimie-Lee and all the staff, young people and their families at JLDA for supporting our cause for the second year running.

We are continuing in our efforts to raise £75k to purchase two dedicated ambulances which, together with local volunteer registered clinicians, will form the basis of Wings2fly.

Gary is a local paramedic who wants to help terminally-ill patients fulfil their final wishes as well as providing a 24 hour children?s ambulance service which will provide free travel to local children in need of life saving treatment or surgery.

Wings2fly will be dedicated to brightening the lives of children and adults suffering from a serious or terminal illness. We have been working for the past 2 years to design a specialist ambulance service which will enable terminally ill children and their families to leave the confines of their home, hospice or hospital.

Caring staff will provide transport for local and long-distance paediatric surgery and treatment, as well as transporting patients to destinations to fulfil their final wishes and create lasting memories. Safe in the knowledge that their clinical needs will be monitored and observed by medical professionals.

Gary came up with the idea after his late nan Jean passed away. He was at work, transferring a terminally-ill patient to a hospice, and when there was a delay, he asked the patient where she would like to go.

The patient wanted to see the beach a final time and Gary and his crew mate even arranged for the stretcher-bound lady to feel the sand fall between her fingers one last time.

A few months later Gary founded Wings2fly and is hoping from a wish perspective, to bring terminally ill people to events such as weddings, family gatherings, museums, galleries, car shows, football matches, beaches etc...

'We can't make them better but we can give them so much joy'.

Gary, who has worked on frontline emergency ambulances for over 16 years as an EMT/Paramedic, (with the help of his colleagues in the ambulance service and local hospitals), aims to provide a service for local residents that will ensure the care and dignity in the most difficult times.

"Every day we will help terminally ill people.

It's so nice to see them happy. For us it's something easy to do but for them it's something so special."

"But for me, the most beautiful thing I think I have done was for that woman who was in a hospital for months and after being given a terminal diagnosis, she was taken into a hospice.

All she wanted was to see the beach for one last time. We took her there and she was just laying there, looking around. I will never forget the smile it put on her face.

'Three days later, she passed away. It was such a beautiful wish, so simple for us yet so meaningful for her."

"This was what really gave me the inspiration to design Wings2fly.

We had the pleasure of meeting some fantastic people from different charities when I attended the Dorset plane pull last year at Hurn and the feedback regarding our venture was tremendous."

At Bournemouth Pavilion Theatre.

7 March 2020, Bournemouth.

Front row seats to the best show in town! And I'm not kidding...

Each year this show just goes from strength to strength, better and better. I don't know how they do it but this one will be hard pushed to beat, it has definitely been the best yet.. (you get the idea? It was good, really good!)

Jamie-Lee, Adam and the rest of JLDA put on such a professional show this evening. One highlight other than the amazing dance routines was having the live orchestra on stage, they were phenomenal. The music, the singing and the show stopping dances were much to feel proud about.

It's great to see how all of these young people have grown over the years and what amazing performers they have turned into. They can really put on a show!

Thank you Jamie-Lee Mason for supporting Wings2fly for a second year running and for everything you do for our 2 girls, it really means a lot to me.

Well done one and all for a lovely evening and to the chaperones for looking after our little kiddies, without whom the show wouldn't have been as big as it was able to be.

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