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Finding support and help: how your community can make a difference

Wings2fly is a new and exciting non-profit organisation aiming to become a leading charity in end of life care for children. A unique ambulance service designed and staffed by Paramedics, doctors and nurses from our NHS services. Volunteering in their spare time, to take care of transport and final wishes of children suffering with a life limiting illness and nearing the end if their lives.

Our main focus is on paediatrics and young people, however the organisation is also open to adults who may require transport home from hospital to spend some time with their loved ones. We are looking for local charities who we can work alongside and support.

This is an exciting new venture and we are keen to help as many local charities as possible. We are still a way off going live but we're hoping the website launch this week will open up new avenues to pursue. If this is something that interests you, then please get in touch.

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